HASS - the most important manufacturer of lithium disilicate CAD / CAM blocks

The new frontier of CAD / CAM blocks made of lithium disilicate: Amber Press and Amber Mill


Amber Press and Amber Mill are two of the most sought after and appreciated products when it comes to lithium disilicate CAD / CAM blocks. Produced by HASS Group, Amber Press and Amber Mill ensure exceptional results every time, in terms of opalescence, translucency and natural aesthetics of dental work.


HASS is one of the most important manufacturers of high quality lithium disilicate CAD / CAM blocks, which have the great advantage of always ensuring optimal results, in terms of quality. Among them, the range leaders are Amber Press and Amber Mill, two of the most sought after products on the profile market.


Dental restorations with Amber Pres and Amber Mill are clearly different from any other dental work done with similar products. The mechanical properties, superior aesthetics and easy processing in milling machines make these two products the ideal products to have spectacular results in the dental laboratory.


Why Amber Press?

Amber Press is a high-strength pressing ingot that guarantees natural-looking prosthetic restorations. Superior power and outstanding performance ensure the best results every time.


Amber Press products have a solid structure and high resistance to biaxial bending, a resistance that no other similar product can achieve. Moreover, the use of Amber Press in performing dental restorations helps to obtain the smallest reaction layer on the surface, which does not imply the need to apply acidic liquid to clean the reaction layer, ensuring a simple and fast process.


Amber Press also comes with a number of advantages, such as the best translucency and color, the perfect solutions for natural aesthetics.


Why Amber Mill?

Amber Mill is a product with exceptional versatility, which extends the range of compatibility in terms of ceramics. Because this type of product can be easily processed in milling machines, they become the perfect choice for any laboratory and dental office.


Amber Mill offers outstanding fluorescence and multi chromatic gradient to any type of dental restoration, unlike other products, which are monochrome. Even without stain applied, Amber Mill provides a natural look in gradients from cervical to incisal. The resistance of this category of products is incredibly high. The secret that ensures the best results is to choose the desired transparency, and then the crystallization temperature.


Aesthetic and durable, these would be the two attributes that make Amber Mill one of the best choices for excellent dental restorations.