Everything you need to know about intraoral scanning with TRIOS by 3SHAPE!

Surely you have heard of TRIOS by 3SHAPE intraoral scanners and most likely you bought one for your dental office or laboratory. If you have not yet purchased one and plan to do so, you should read the following material, which will definitely answer all your curiosities about intraoral scanning.


Intraoral scanning performed with TRIOS by 3SHAPE scanners is the best choice for specialists who want to streamline work in the dental laboratory or office and at the same time ensure increased comfort for patients.


Regardless of the range chosen, TRIOS by 3SHAPE scanners meet the same standards of performance and efficiency, characteristic of the brand.


The uniqueness of this type of scanner is given by the fact that it completely scans the dental arches in less than 2 minutes, offering the specialist volumetric images in real time, images with high accuracy.


There are 3 technical features that help the specialist have the best results when using TRIOS intraoral scanners from 3SHAPE:

  • SMART TIPS - With the help of smart tips, the device is heated and ready for scanners in just a few seconds. This translates into eliminating downtime, which can create discomfort for the patient.

  • WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY - As there are no more wires that can confuse the scanning process, the work in the office is considerably more efficient. Scanners become easy to use by any specialist, and the patient feels much more comfortable;

  • HIGH BATTERY LIFE - Thanks to smart tips and ultra-fast heating, the battery life for any product in any TRIOS by 3SHAPE range is extended by 30%, which is essential when you have a lot of appointments.


Fingerprints come to life almost instantly, giving the patient a unique experience. The best reason to choose TRIOS 3 SHAPE intraoral scanners is the versatility of these products, which adapt perfectly to the needs of your office.