COCOLUX - the best assistant in dental photography


Technological development reaches a new level with the advent of COCOlux, the only device on the market that can minimize the time spent by the specialist in dental photography. In short, COCOLUX is the perfect product that any specialist should have in the laboratory or office! There are only advantages in having such a device, advantages that are confirmed by many international specialists. COCOLUX is the simplest and most handy solution when it comes to taking dental photos. From the start, it solves a number of problems such as: the weight of the camera, the lack of sufficient light, the difficult angles to shoot.


COCOLUX is a small device that can be adapted to any type of smart phone, either Android or iOS. It can be attached to the phone, and its shape is circular, to help the specialist to obtain results similar to a camera, in a much shorter time.


What are the advantages of COCOLux?

Short photos - Due to the small size of the device, it can be easily manipulated, minimizing the time it takes to take dental photos. Increased patient comfort -All the small size helps to ensure increased patient comfort while taking dental photos. Exceptional image exposure - Thanks to the two flash modes available, the specialist gets a very good image exposure. In addition, COCOlux can be rotated 90 degrees, allowing the flash to be used both vertically and diagonally. The color rendering index (CRI) emits shades similar to natural light, (color temperature 5,500K / CRI 90 Ra +), using the LED to the advantage for the exact determination of hue and color.


Specialists no longer have to make color and temperature adjustments, which are automatically made by COCOLux. This translates into much shorter times compared to the classic variants. And if we add the few seconds of installing the device, the product becomes PERFECT for any dental technician. If it's not yet on your product wishlist, it's time to pass it on. COCOLux is an innovative and fast solution for all dental shooting problems!