3D printing and metal printing machines

The technological development of the last period has really brought advantages for the dental technician, especially in terms of metal printing, an incredibly meticulous procedure in the past, which requires multiple hours (maybe even days) to be completed. Now there are 3D metal printing machines, which have been optimizing for an incredibly long time and offer visibly better results than the classic methods.


The accelerated transformation of the dental industry and its digitalization has led to the optimization of times and costs in dental offices, these being the great advantages that any specialist in dental technology enjoys.


Equally true, technologicalization has come with a push, along with the need to learn new skills, such as the use of high-performance appliances that now exist in dental laboratories. But the effort is small compared to previous decades, in which classical methods required 10 times more time invested in completing a work.



How does 3D printing help you?

3D printing has a fantastic accuracy, the results being impeccable every time. Any work obtained in 3D print respects 100% the volumetric information obtained after a scan, implicitly the patient's physiognomy. With the help of a 3D printer, the specialist can obtain different types of dental crowns, surgical guides, alignment and various works related to orthodontics.

Moreover, the patient's experience is different, and this is because the times are reduced, and the works obtained are perfectly adapted to his needs, the human error-generating complications, being eliminated.


3D printing for metal

Even if some prosthetic / dental works involve the use of metal, there are solutions for this aspect as well. These are 3D metal printers, equipped with innovative technology that eliminates any trace of human error. The process of melting the metal is much shorter, as short as the time it takes to complete the work.
Laser Melting DENTAS LMP100-2 is one of the most efficient 3D printers for metal and with an exceptional value for money.


Specially designed for the dental field, Laser Melting Dentas-LMP100-2 offers you extended autonomy and spectacular results. Any prosthetic work has an exceptional quality, the great advantage being that the printing machine is very easy to use.


Laser Melting Dentas-LMP100-2 can use gold, aluminum and copper powders.